Siding Installation Tips From O'Sullivan Installs in Billerica MA

Daniel Martin Apr/ 12/ 2019 | 0

Tips For Installing Vinyl Siding

There are many reasons why people want to install vinyl siding on the exterior walls of the home. First, vinyl is a factory produced material that is highly resistant to elements and weather damage. Moreover, they are available in different colors, textures, and designs to give a customized and personalized look on the walls. If you have planned to install the vinyl siding, then we would like to provide some tips, which can make your job easier. Thank you O’Sullivan Installs these tips on replacing vinyl siding.

Using Wider Starter Strip

A wider starter strip will protect the sheathing of the vinyl siding from the snow, rain, and pests. These wider starter strips are available in two different sizes. To enjoy better results, make sure that you fix the starter strips to the lower of the siding.


Cap the Corner Post

Inside of the vinyl corner post is the most favorite places for bees, mice and other sorts of small creatures. You can prevent these pests from making their homes by capping the corner post before the installation. You can begin the work by cutting a few inches of the portion of the J-channel on the post. The post can crack if they are not warm. So, if it is cold, they make them warm by bringing under the sun.


Apply Upward Pressure To The Nail

Most vinyl siding installation fails when panels get unlocked from each other. This causes the vinyl siding to fly away with the stronger winds. To prevent such occurrence, you should apply a bit of upward pressure when nailing each piece of panels. This helps the panels stay locked and tight to each other. Don’t apply too much power on the nailing flange; otherwise, it will result in breakage.


Overlap Top J-Channels

Rainwater can easily enter into the J-channel, which is rest on top of the doors and windows. But you can prevent the water entry by creating a flap over the top of the J-channel.


Vinyl-Siding Blade

Many DIY enthusiasts using circular saw or wood blade to cut the vinyl siding. This is not a recommended option as these blades can easily shatter the vinyl siding during cutting and are also very dangerous to use. It is better to use blades that are specifically made for cutting vinyl siding. You can find such blades in any home improvement shops.


Nailing Fundamentals

It is better to use 2-inch galvanized nail except when the sheathing is lined or stuffed with foam. Avoid driving the nail tighter, so that each panel can move back and forth, which prevents the siding forms bubbles during the hotter days.


Install Longer Panels First

It is better to start installing on the area that needs larger or longer panels. This is because longer siding panels do not stretch quickly as the smaller ones and they are more difficult to adjust.


Prevent Water Trapping Behind the Corners

Corners posts that are located above the roofline are a great source of water infiltration. You can easily prevent this from happening by holding the corner post higher and allowing the J-channel to run beneath it.


Zip Tool

You can use a zip tool to remove the unwanted piece of siding.

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