Daniel Martin Jul/ 1/ 2018 | 0

Most of us have this preconceived notion that home interior works are costly and can only be done by experienced professionals. It is true that professionals do have a knack for it and can do an amazing job. But, many of us cannot really afford a professional’s services and still would love to make our homes look the best. Fret not! We are here with some easy, creative yet cheap home interior ideas that can completely transform your home:

Pick Up The Old Empty Jars And Bottles!

We all have these unused empty bottles and jars lying around in our house, taking up space and making those nooks and corners look more cramped than ever! What if we pick those up and make good use of it? Clean it and make it look pretty with the help of some spray paints. Use it as beautiful storage containers or planters in your living rooms, bedrooms or passageways! Let your interiors gush about your creative sense!

Give Your Bathtubs A Makeover!

Does your bathtub look a bit boring and outdated? In the age of shower cubicles, bathtubs do look a bit old fashioned. But, we can help you give it a makeover! Grab a plank of wood, the older, the better. Place it over your bathtub and sport the bath caddy look.

Paint Up The Terracotta!

Do you have some unused terracotta pots lying around? It might look dull at first, but a quick coat of paints with patterns of your choice can completely transform the look. Use it to plant your outdoor and indoor greens. Let your terracotta add a dash of creativity to your living spaces and break the waves of monotony.

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