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Architectural design is not an unknown term. But, what exactly is an architectural design? Architectural design refers to the concept which focuses on elements or components in a structure. It is usually done by a professional architect who works in close association with elements and spaces to create functional and coherent structures that spell magic. The design of an architectural building involves several steps. Every step is vital and plays a crucial role in the overall feel, safety and look of a building. Here are the steps that make a mark in the architectural design of any building:


Development Of The Schematic Design

This is the first and foremost step which lays the foundation of a perfect design. The schematic design refers to the stage where the architect will collect all the required information related to the style, wants and needs of the project. After collecting this information, the architect will prepare 2-3 designs from which the client can choose and review.


Documents For Construction

The documents needed for the construction are prepared and will be given to the contractor


The Construction Kick Starts!

After zeroing in on the contractor and after transferring all the necessary documents, the construction can begin officially. The architect and contractor will work in mutual coordination to design a building which makes a mark and turns heads with its functional and architectural benefits.

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