You can say Daniel Martin has been interested in décor since he was 14 years of age. His early years were spent in repurposing accessories and items found at home to create visual masterpieces that breathed beauty to any space. The talent transformed into a passion as he grew. Today, after getting his degree in the interior décor, Martin is dedicated to offering the world tips, tricks, ideas and inspiration to make better and lovely homes.

He has spent years perfecting his craft which has ensured that every one of his clients has entered their new residences with the biggest smile ever. He now imparts his knowledge and expertise to the world at large through Design Nehez. With each blog about economical design ideas, with each post about repainting the living room and with each article about finding the right décor pieces, he aims to make interior designing more accessible.

The mantra that has followed the work of Daniel Martin is to go for the minor changes first. Why? Because he believes that it is the minute things that create a powerful impact on everything. A splash of paint here and a wicker basket there can transform any room into design heaven.